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Alex Walia

Alex walia is hugely talented in maintenance of logistics and other products and has a cumulative experience of seven years in the field. He is expert in the upkeep of grounds, infrastructure, buildings and maintenance of electrical, plumbing systems in building. He has been associated with different organizations in the upkeep of other infrastructure parts such as furniture, air condition systems, and arranging for handyman services for the company. Alex ensures that all mechanical systems and accessories are always in place and working.

He has the ability to interact with his employees in a professional and gentle manner, contact vendors for finalizing deals regarding infrastructural facilities, ability to work as a conduit between the senior executives and fellow employees like those working under him. Interacting and assisting the human resources in talent acquisition, evaluating employee performance for promotion and employee benefit purposes, update the records on maintenance, managing inventory, regular inspection and corrective measures after checks, maintaining the heating and ventilating systems.

Ensuring the maintenance of security equipments and devices, knowledge of different essential systems and repair ability, ability to communicate and work in a multicultural environment with proficiency in different languages, in depth knowledge and experience of occupational hazards, high ability to spot hazardous situations and places and arrange for safety measures, equipments and first aid immediately, determining material, equipment and supplies for uninterrupted work, coordinate the activities of different departments, maintain the boiler system, ensured proper working of the fire safety system, performing and overseeing general and minor repair works such as patching, landscaping etc., maintaining garden through timely and regular plantations, watering and other related activities, fixing shelves, using creative ideas for furnishing and décor, renovation work, take part in the planning and constructions of new buildings and facilities,

Role of alex walia as the director of maintenance